Spring is here..

Rollei 35 on Fuji X-TRA 400 film. ©Akin Abayomi


The weather finally broke in the capital city last week and I took some time out of the dungeon called work, school and excuses to enjoy the kite fest.. The drive there was more than fun, parking was also an adventure. After I got my parking situation covered, the only thing left was getting to Zilker park for the Kite fest itself.

45 minutes of walking and logging around my RZ67, Rollei 35 and a Polaroid land camera I finally made it there. I could not help but to ask myself, why in the world did I not pack a smaller camera or just the digital camera. But after developing the images I have no regrets.

Shark Kite in the blue sky
Shark Kite in the blue sky

save Texas Kite

Save Texas School Kit at Austin Kite fest shot on Mamiya RZ67 pro II, 100mm on  Kodak 160NC. ©Akin Abayomi