First Cover

wigbookFocal Press: Wig Making and Styling, Martha Ruskai and Allison Lowery.

Getting published where it counts, that has been one of the most elusive things for most freelance photographic artists. Most of the time things just work out. You’re in the right place at the right time, meet the right person or submitted your work to the right publication/ person. What I’ve found out from established photographers, is that it’s just a combination of things. You have to keep showing your work and keep knocking on doors. Eventually, you will get your break and must be willing and able to ride that wave.


In this digital age, there is so much image cacophony an editor has to deal with, and you need to have a convincing body of work to get hired on as an artist. Simple logic does not always dictate what works i.e.  good work = get publish. There needs to be other factors that goes into that equation. Some of the factors may include:
x submit
w who you know
h hunger
c charisma
t timing
z lady luck
q quality of work

That is just what I can think of just off my head. Now, trying to put all this factors into an equation to solve getting published becomes a complex equation. I leave that task to mathematicians to come up with the equation and the values. Maybe someone can solve this and win a noble prize.

Something I did discover a few weeks ago after reading a red tape article on MSNBC about Bob Sullivan, Is that regardless of where you have your work  in this digital age, it will be stolen. That should not stop you from having your images proliferate all over the web.

All the images I’ve created in the past, are not doing me any justice by seating on my hard drive. These images need to be seen, they need to inspire others to create and maybe; maybe I may get other chances of getting published, when an editor stumbles across my work.